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Welcome to Restorative Health and Healing Center

We offer a variety of services as well as referrals which serve to unite traditional and integrative medicine.  We believe that preventative health care incorporates a variety of diagnostic tools beyond just testing for a basic cholesterol profile or mammogram. Likewise, a treatment approach should address root causes rather than symptoms alone.  Dr Sievers’ foundation is internal medicine which she has incorporated into anti-aging and functional medicine offering patients the best of both worlds.


Dr. Teresa Sievers is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor as well as Board Certified and Fellowship trained in Anti Aging medicine.* She has completed the first ever medical Master’s Degree in Metabolism and Nutrition through the University of South Florida. Dr. Sievers is the only doctor in SWFL who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine, but also has this Master’s Degree.


She has been on a constant quest for healthier eating as well as living and hopes to guide you on your own personal journey.






Restorative Health and Healing Center is an integrative medical practice that bridges the gap between conventional and complementary medicine. Likewise, we search for why a particular disease state may already be present rather than just treating symptoms.

Dr Sievers offers individual care and extended office visits in order to fully understand your particular health history as well as your individual goals and beliefs. The foundation of her wellness plan rests on healthy diet, and she helps you explore how you can better achieve this in your life.



Tel: 239.290.7442
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