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Dr. Sievers believes in giving back to the community. She has several passions, most of which revolve around supporting the underserved: woman, children and homeless people in her community.

In 2008, Dr. Sievers joined the Board of Directors of Our Mother's Home, and later served as president (2011-2014). She served on the board and also taught the weekly parenting class for seven years. To learn about her involvement in the home over the past years, view the video below.

Dr. Sievers speaks about her involvement at Our Mother's Home

For more information about our mothers home please visit:

She also works with Wings of Shelter international in SWFL which is a home for teens from human trafficking that do not have children.

And lastly she works with Pastor Judy Lee and Pastor Judy Beaumont of The Good Shepherds Ministry of FM, FL which helps to get marginalized and homeless people basic housing needs and medical care.


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