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We look forward to becoming your partner in assessing and improving your health.

In your first visit, Dr. Sievers will obtain a complete medical history. The key to functional medicine is treating each person as an individual and getting to the root cause of health problems. That generally entails a detailed conversation regarding the intake form. Dr. Sievers will discuss with you potential approaches, recommended laboratory workups and she will make recommendations at that time based on your top reasons for appointment. Often though detailed treatment plans will depend on lab and physical exam results to thoroughly consider your unique situation. This visit will last approximately 60 minutes. Some of the time will be spent giving you detailed instructions on your individualized care plan. (Please note: we have devised scheduled time frames for each visit, which are honored by both patient and doctor.)

The second visit is generally scheduled anywhere from 2-6 weeks later to go over test results and devise a more detailed treatment plan. Her basic approach is a 5 point wellness plan based on the following areas: hormones, nutrition, toxins, mind and body. In the beginning you may be on several supplements, but the long term plan will be to resolve the underlying cause and maintain on as minimal supplements as possible. This generally includes: a high quality multiple vitamin/mineral, omega 3 fish oil, calcium and vitamin D. Follow-up visits are usually scheduled in approximately 8-12 weeks from this visit to evaluate progress and make any adjustments in your program. Fees for follow-up appointments range from $150.00-250.00 and are based on time and/or complexity of issues discussed. Usually there is a lot of information to go over at first follow-up. At some point within first year a complete physical exam is performed, although a cursory basic exam is performed at the first visit.

How often you see Dr. Sievers after that will depend on why you are being treated. People with multiple issues are seen more often. Our goal is to get you well. Dr. Sievers describes achieving this goal as a wellness journey in which you are the driver and she is the co-pilot. Therefore, she is only as good a doctor as you are in committing to helping yourself. Everyone is at different points in this journey and will go at the pace that best suits your needs and wishes.

There are ways to optimize your first visit with Dr. Sievers. First, please be sure to complete the form and provide copies of previous tests.  Frequently patients do not provide this information in enough time for Dr. Sievers to review it which takes away from their appointment. Please return them to our office via fax, email postal mail or hand deliver them at least two business days before appointment. (We are closed on Fridays.) Also, on your first visit, please bring all your medications and supplements in their original bottles to the appointment.  (Again, patients often bring lists of what they are on but this is not helpful.) The same is true with hormones; the proper doses are usually not listed. Since these are often refrigerated, you may provide us with the name and phone number of pharmacy from which they came.

At the end of your visits, you will be given a typed copy of your note, your labs/other tests and if needed prescriptions. Your note contains details on your treatment plan. Please review this as many of your questions are answered in this note. Please save these medical records as you may make copies for your other physicians.

Lastly, because of the amount of time blocked for your first appointment, we require a deposit to of $225.00. If you are unable to keep the appointment we require that you allow at least one business day to cancel /change appointments to avoid loss of your deposit. Our business days are Monday through Thursday. If your appointment is on Monday you need to cancel by noon on Thursday. For all other appointments we also have a ‘no show - late cancellation fee’ equal to the cost of your appointment. Unfortunately, this has become necessary in order to ensure that the allotted spot is utilized for other patients who are waiting to see Dr.Sievers.

If you have any further questions after reading the enclosed information, please call our office. We will be happy to assist you. If you have detailed questions about billing or other concerns you may call the office manager, Mark, directly on his cell phone at (314) 239-0173.

In health,
Teresa A. Sievers, MD MSMS FAARM and Staff 

Dr. Teresa Sievers


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