Hippocrates, one of the great fathers of medicine, said it best:

"....let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

This motto resonates with Dr Sievers. Dr. Sievers believes that healthy eating habits are paramount to not only your health but also how you feel on a day to day basis. Marketing has become savvy and has infiltrated our food supply. This makes it hard for people to make good choices even when they are trying to do better.

Many people are just not aware of how their diet is affecting their health. One's journey to healthy eating habits is individual and takes time. We hope to serve as your copilot along the way as you discover a wonderful world of food as well as how your emotions, beliefs and culture are deeply rooted into your food choices.

Many people believe that they can receive all needed nutrients in their diet. Unfortunately, this is not generally true. The primary reason for this is that food is grown in nutrient depleted soils and thus the food is not nutrient dense. Food is grown, often artificially ripened and then travels many miles before it is eaten. Finally, improper food preparation also affects nutrient content.

Fortunately, we offer testing that allows assesslkkk.ment of your nutritional status as well as direct therapy.

While Dr. Sievers does personally outline and make dietary recommendations as well as cleanses, many people find this transition challenging. Dr. Sievers refers patients to Barbara Lewin, RD, LD is a registered and licensed dietitian and sports nutritionist who is well versed in various functional medicine diets, including food allergies. She has worked with elite athletes who are looking to prefect performance as well as people who are embarking on lifestyle change for better health and weight loss.

Barbara sees patients in Dr. Sievers office and also offers remote telephone consults from any location. For more information please see


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