Dr. Sievers’ dream is to have a center offering many of the below services as she recognizes that there are many modalities of healing and everyone heals differently. Currently she is blessed to have practitioners who complement her integrative medical practice.

Holistic Treatments & Other Services

Lenka Spiska, LMT, Intuologist, Quantum Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive. Lenka is highly skilled Quantum Energy Healer who incorporates various forms of Eastern Healing. As an Intuologist she teaches people how to get in touch with their own 'gut feeling' or intuition which is necessary to help guide one on their life and healing journey. Lenka sees clients in Dr. Sievers office as Dr. Sievers feels this is an invaluable resource for patients. For more information please visit, or call (303) 517­5960

Xingiong Cen, MD, DOM of Naples, FL
Acupuntcure and Chinese Medicine or call (239) 263-2322

Fred Stahlman, BS, PT, CST-D of Innerconnections Physical Therapy.
Fred has over 25 years of experience in traditional and holistic physical therapy and offers craniosacral massage and lymphatic drainage.
or call (239)-398-3154

Dr. Andrea Romero, DOM.
IntMed was designed to service the growing need for Integrative Medicine. Weaving together Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Bio Regulatory Medicine Dr.Romero will find what is right for you. or call (239) 444-8459

Be Well Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging of Naples, FL has mobile locations as well. Thermal imaging has FDA approval for breast cancer screening when it is done in conjunction with mammograms. Many women however will not do mammograms so this is an option. Thermal imaging offers no radiation and is great option if you have breast implants. or call (239)  254-0540

Liu’s Acupuncture  Zhongwei Liu O.M.D., A.P. is an acupuncturist and he also works with Wanzhong Jiang O.M.D., Herbalist. Both have extensive training. or call (239) 403-9077 in Naples or (239) 939-1222 in Fort Myers

Holistic Solutions of Naples, FL
Variety of services including infra-red saunas which are a great way to detoxify. or call (239) 566-1210

Integrity Biofeedback of Bonita Springs, FL: A technique that helps bring the whole body into focus through biofeedback.  or call (239) 221-8977

Gary Pynckel, DO
Chelation therapy
(239) 278-3377

Physician/Practitioner Referrals

Nancy Tarrete, PhD, LMHC of Mindful Therapeutics. Naples, FL Dr. Tarrete is an outstanding one of a kind therapist. If you have never tried therapy, or have had a bad experience please call her; you will not be disappointed. She works with children, adults and couples with problems such as abuse, addictions, depression, anxiety and more.
Call: (239) 784-1080
Laura Streyffeler, PhD, LMHC, BCETS, Fort Myers, FL  is a dynamic therapist offering services from trauma recovery, abuse, and more and works with adults, couples as well as alternative life styles including transgender. or call (239) 822-1699

Dr. Greg Leach, Urgent Care, Advanced Medical Center of Naples, FL
Monday - Friday, 8-8; Saturday and Sunday, 9-5. or call (239) 566-7676

Urgent Care Center of SWFL of Estero, FL
Monday - Friday, 8-8; Saturday, 9-5; Sunday 11-4 or call (239) 333-CARE (2273)

Dr. Thornburg of Naples, FL
Concierge Pediatrician or call (239) 348-7337

Dr. Paul Gardner of Naples, FL
Plastic Surgeon or call (239) 566-2611

Dr. James Buonavolonta of Naples, FL
Cardiologist who offers state of the art and advanced cardiac testing for early detection of heart disease

Barbara Lewin, RD, LD
Barbara is a seasoned nutritionist who can help anyone who wants to lose weight to elite athletes who want to have optimal performance.  239 599 8015

Mark Petrites, MD, General Surgeon
(239) 495-3990


We are blessed with several chiropractors in the area that are excellent.
Dr. Steve Stohler, DC in Naples, FL: or call (239) 352-8633

Dr. Vivian Ebert or Living Well Chiropractic in Bonita Springs, FL:  or call (239) 498-2225Dr.

Nicole Bennett of Bennett Chiropractor and Wellness Center in FM Beach, FL: or call (239) 463-1649

Dr. Chris Green of Chiropractic Care and Rehab Center in Fort Myers, FL: or call (239) 495-1166

Dr. Chip Shemansky of Gulfshore Chiropractic Clinics in Bonita Springs, FL:
call (239) 948-5727


Organic Skin Care and Bodyworkx They offer awesome 100% organic skin care and facials that will amaze you. In addition they have a full store front with the best variety of organic skin care products

Spa by Sharon M of Naples, FL.
One of the best esthetician and make up artist in the Naples area. She uses organic skin care products and has done make up for the Oprah Winfrey Show and Sprout TV to name a few.
or call (239) 398-0410

Michelle Weaver of MW Makeup Artistry Michelle is a truly an artistic cosmetologist and she can travel to you! Awesome for special photos, events and weddings.
239 940-2921

Theresa George. CME, is an excellent electrologist with over 16 years experience. She has helped teenagers, men, women and transgendered clients with the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Theresa is located at Theresa's Face and Body in Cape Coral five minutes from South Fort Myers. or call (239) 206-1216.

Float and Flourish Center
Float and Flourish Center provides the ultimate environment for your mind, body, and soul to reach its maximum potential for relaxation, clarity, and healing through flotation therapy. They also offer a variety of other services. They also offer an amazing way to remove cellulite! Please see or call (239) 908-8049

Riverstone Spa
For colonics, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage and more.
Please visit (239) 254-9984

Purely You Spa of Naples, FL or call (239) 331-8266

Personal Trainers:

Deanna Rodino, Personal Fitness Trainer. Deanna has over 20 years experience in personal training and has worked with beginners to elite athletes. She will work with you in your home or at your gym.
Call (239) 248-3007

Joe Subin, Personal Trainer
(239) 898-1822

Concept 1010: Weight training is essential for health and this is time efficient and safe way to build muscle.

Restaurants and Retail Food Services:

South Fork Grille at Coconut Pointe (formerly The Grape at Coconut Pointe),Estero, FL. Donna and Joe Sofia offer a diversified menu from traditional steak and fish items to gluten free and vegetarian. They work with local farmers for fresh and when possible organic produce. Even if you are doing the detox you can eat here! or call (239) 992 5040
Cirella’s Italian Restaurant and Sushi Bar, Bonita Springs, Florida. They offer excellent homemade Italian food as well as healthy options like edamame, sushi and Dr. Sievers’ favorite: escarole and beans! (239) 948-3885
Food and Thought Cafe and Store in Naples, FL: This is Dr. Sievers favorite organic food haven. You can get all your shopping needs done and get a home cooked organic healthy and delicious meal. You can find one of Dr. Sievers’ staples: black bean pasta and sunshine garden burgers. They also have Red lentil pasta from Tolerant Foods! Great place to have lunch or laid back dinner and even take home some meals for the week.  or call  (239)213-2122.

Baleen's of Naples, FL
Menu includes gluten free or vegetarian options or call (239) 598-5707

The Grill at the Ritz-Carlton of Naples, FL
Gluten free dinner menu or call (239) 598-3300

The Local of Naples, FL
Farm to table offering local foods or call (239) 596-3276

KC Bistro of Naples, FL
Menu includes gluten free or vegetarian options or call (239) 566-2371

Seasons 52 of Naples, FL
Offers vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other alternative menus or call (239) 594-8852

Inner G Health Fuel
In addition to preordered meals, you can visit Lori Quinn, the "Kitchen Physician" at her cafe:
Mon and Wed ( 9 am to 6 pm) and Tue, Thur, Fri 9am to 2pm 
located  9331 Tamiami Trail N #12 Naples, FL 34108
For more info:!menu/c2123

Kitchen 41
2500 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103
(239) 263-8009

Cider Press Cafe
1201 Piper Blvd #26, Naples, FL 34110
(239) 631-2500

Whole Foods, Naples, Florida offers some key items: In freezer section:  Deland’s Bakery: millet special and millet regular in the freezer section. Dr. Sievers recommends this as again although not made in gluten free facility the grains are gluten free and again without yeast or eggs. The company just started a true gluten free line but it has yeast and eggs in it, so it is reserved for those with true celiac disease. You will also find Joe’s Oat Patties, a great gluten free, and soy free veggie burger.  In the refrigerator section, you can find coconut creamer, and Daiya vegan, gluten and soy free shredded cheese. In the produce area are local raw prepared foods like pesto sauce and guacamole. (239) 552-5100

Chef Brooke’s Natural Café of FM, FL offers gluten free, vegan, vegetarian options. or call (239)-332-2433

Personal Chef, Food Services, Bakery

Made by Ambrosia of Naples, FL
Chef Tricia Otto is a Personal Chef and also provides Organic Catering. Check out her Ambrosia Kitchen Vegan cookbook! or call (239) 330-8421

InnerG Health Fuel Lori Quinn has lunch café and weekly pick up food service all organic, gluten, dairy and soy free. or call (239) 572-1979

Juicelations Fresh pressed 100% organic juice delivered to you! Available in glass at your request. 239-398-0673

Epiphany Bakery at Neighborhood Organics
Naples, FL
Carries Gluten free and Paleo baked goods
(239) 273-2350

Sage Events: Chef Amber Phillips offers catering as well as personal chefs services and can accommodate any dietary needs. 239 595 3453.

The Skinny Pantry, FM, FL. Terry Foster offers a great selection of gluten free, vegetarian and low allergen foods. or call (239)-935-5093

Better Food Farm of Estero, FL
Hydroponic Farm Owners Helen and Chad Jonas pictured below or call (239) 503-0652

Wild Heritage Farm of Naples, FL
100% certified organic produce or call (239) 234-7325

Ada’s Whole Foods Market of Fort Myers, FL
Full size natural grocery store or call (239) 939-9600

Sami’s Bakery Tampa, FL on line ordering available
Although the bakery is not a certified gluten free one, people without true Celiac disease will generally do fine. The millet and flax products are all made with gluten free ingredients and without yeast or eggs, an added plus. They just added a chia bread that is made with gluten free grains and is low glycemic with high fiber. The lavashes are excellent options.

Island Gluten Free Bakery of Sarasota, FL on line ordering available
Gluten free bakery in Sarasota that uses all natural ingredients, no preservatives and they can ship many of their items. I get the gluten free/dairy free pie crusts and the gluten free breads. I have even had a carrot cake shipped that was gluten free and dairy free and it was awesome! or call (941) 923-0200

Learning and Educational Resources:

Joyful Yoga and Ayurvedic Spa of Bonita Springs, FL or call (239) 947-9845

Integrative Mindfulness of Bonita Springs, FL, Owner Madeline Ebelini
Learn Mind Body Stress Reduction mediation as pioneered by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn or call (239) 590-9485

Walter Hayley of Bonita Springs, FL
Acupuncture, Qigong and other classes available or call (239) 273-6788

Environmental Working Group This is a watch dog group that rates everything from food to skin care. Here you can find out about the dirty dozen lists, the safest cosmetics, skin care, sunscreen and more.

Shangrila Springs of Bonita Springs, FL
Organic Wellness and Experiential Learning Center or call (239) 949-0749

Other Businesses

Amoré Jewelers
Bill Skidmore is an amazing person to meet and do business Where love shines or call (239) 333-4447

Living a Joyful Life Now, Mary Lynn Ziemer, CEO; Certified Master Life Coach, Author and Business Consultant. Mary Lynn can help you make your dreams come true! or call (720)-270-3428

Pelican Wealth Advisors: Frank Ragonese, PhD
If you want someone who cares more about you than just your money, then talk to Dr. Frank! He is honest and truly cares about the person first! or call 239 494 8371

Diamond Organic Cleaners of Naples, FL
Organic garment cleaning with pickup and delivery or call (239) 254-9914

Michael Biondo
Personal stylist, event planner, interior design or call (239) 206-1855

Cecil's Copy Express of Bonita Springs, FL or call (239) 353-4285


10201 Arcos Ave. Suite 201
Estero, Fl 33928

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