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“Fantastic”, “Inspiring”, “Worked Terrific Together”, “Complimented Each Other Well”, “So Knowledgeable”

These are just a few of the many comments the women said about you [Dr. Sievers and Karen]. They said they learned a lot, in fact, some of the women came early, about 9:20, as they wanted to get a good seat (no one has ever come that early). 

FYI, we had over 100 women for this event – the most we’ve ever had for a WOW event!!

Thank you both for a wonderful, dynamic presentation. We all appreciate your generosity of spirit in sharing of your time and valued expertise.

Bonnie Rita Sievers, WOW Coordinator

Dr. Sievers possesses the rare gift of being both entertaining and educational at the same time. While presenting difficult material in easy-to-understand terms, her dedication to health and wellness comes through.

Rebecca Zung-Clough, Esquire of The Law Firm of Rebecca Zung

I had the pleasure of attending a breast cancer talk given by Dr. Teresa Sievers and her health coach Karen. I found Dr. Sievers' knowledge of the lifestyle and dietary causes of breast cancer to be tremendous. She presented the material in an engaging and clear manner so that even the non-medical people in the audience had a good understanding of the information she was giving us. It's clear that she has a true passion for the functional medicine approach to health and illness and her excitement for this approach led to a stimulating Q and A after her talk. I know all of us in the room came away more educated on the topic and with the realization that we have the power to control our health's destiny through nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Julie S., M.D.

Dr. Sievers is very engaged and energetic as a speaker. She has passion for her topic and invites interaction and questions from her audience.

Caroline Cedarquist, MD of Cedarquist Weight Loss Center

As regards her speaking abilities, I have interviewed her four times on my television show, Dialogue with a Doctor. She has presented on several subjects but most notably on functional medicine and nutrition. Her appearance and delivery is excellent. Her ability to get her subject across to her audience and her ability to educate her audience are superior. This ability has been enhanced by her passion for her subject and her passion for patient care.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Teresa Sievers for any presentation, whether that is in audio, video or even print material. Should you have any questions or require any additional information as regards my opinion in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gregory E. Leach, MD, MBA


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