As both a colleague and referring physician, I have known Dr. Teresa Sievers for several years. During this time, I have sent her many patients, and in addition, I have personally been one of her patients. As a physician, I have found her to be a very effective communicator. My patients also report a similar experience.

Gregory E. Leach, MD, MBA

I wanted to share our experience and results with Dr. Teresa Sievers and her staff at Restorative Health & Healing Center.  My husband and I are expecting our second child in January so I wanted to increase our life insurance to cover the unexpected.  Unfortunately while getting the blood work for the insurance policy we discovered that my 35 year old husband high cholesterol and unfavorable liver blood tests.   The life insurance company sent a letter recommending that we go to his primary doctor to discuss the adverse blood test results.  I knew that if my husband went to his regular MD that he would just end up on cholesterol medicine for the rest of his life while not changing his lifestyle or diet.  I talked my husband into going to see Dr. Sievers.  I was already a patient of Dr. Sievers and was hopeful that she might have an alternate plan.  My husband was definitely reluctant until he met with Dr. Sievers.  Dr. Sievers not only made my husband feel comfortable but gave us both hope that she could completely reverse all of the adverse blood work via diet and nutrition. 

I was completely relieved that there was a possibility of bringing my husband back to good health.  I had many restless nights worrying about what would happen if my husband’s health continued down the path it was going.  My husband had already had mitral valve surgery due to genetic condition he was born with and we already knew that he would have to repeat the surgery in the future.  However the success of the surgery would depend on his current health condition which before Dr. Siever was less than par. 

Dr. Sievers put my husband on a 7 day veggie cleanse followed by a 28 day prescription shake diet plan coupled with the use of several  supplements.  My husband’s weight began to melt away almost immediately and by the end of the plan he was down 29 pounds and felt amazing.  That alone was worth it!  However the true icing on the cake came as we received the results of the repeated blood work.  ALL of my husband’s blood work had returned to normal…I repeat normal!!!   Some of the blood work such as his Triglycerides went from being extremely high 331 to even better than normal 83.  His blood pressure also went from being continuously high even with blood pressure medicine to being so excellent that he is coming off his blood pressure medicine with the guidance of his cardiologist.  Furthermore he has been able to come off his daily reflux medicine and his heartburn and reflux have completely subsided.   My husband has also finally become aware and educated on how to lead a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the occasional pizza out or holiday feast.  He feels so much healthier and happier.  We could not be more satisfied with the services that Dr. Sievers and her staff provided us.  It pains me to think that had we not found Dr. Sievers that my husband would probably be committed to medicines the rest of his life while his health continued to deteriorate.    I would recommend Dr. Sievers to anyone facing a health issue or simply needing to guidance on how to loose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.  

Holly and Jessie of Naples, FL

Does one size fit all? I just came from my appointment with Dr. Sievers and I wanted to share something which came to me as I was thinking about my visit and my health problems.  

I have selected the best doctors, one for general health for the family, my once a year female appointment and Dr. Sievers for anti aging and hormones.

I got caught up in the moment and let my other doctors give me test and advice on my hormones. They are good doctors but my health went downhill and I continued on this path until I ended up in Dr. Sievers’ office crying and extremely confused to how this could happen to me so fast, I felt horrible.

After she reviewed my test she immediately saw the problems and took the time to talk things over with me. I was so relieved that I could regain the heath she had worked so hard to give me just by being consistent and not going down the varied paths I was offered.

From now own I will stick to what works. So we made a plan to get me back to where I was when I really felt great; hormones are bad stuff when you do not know how to control them.

One size does not fit all. You need to have an experienced doctor when it comes to anti aging and your hormones and not every doctor is qualified, good doctors but just not specialized like she is.

So I am glad to get back to the energy in her office as she runs down the hall and looks over her shoulder saying, “Just faxed the compounder and you will feel better real soon.” The support of her staff is great even when you cry.

I am on my way to feeling good again, thanks Dr. Sievers!


I would like to tell you my story to let you know to never give up hope when you are ill. Starting April 2009 I became ill with what several doctors thought was a recurrence of Autonomic Autoimmune Neuropathy. I went to several doctors in several different fields. I had many tests run, Ct Scans, MRI's, even infusion treatments. No doctor could give me a diagnosis or help my symptoms or give me any medications to help. My son-in-law, who is a physician, and my daughter, who is a nurse had been doing research to see if they could help. After one year of being ill, they suggested that I go to Dr. Sievers because she has a more in-depth way of treating her patients.

In May of 2010, my daughter took me to Dr. S. After hearing my symptoms, she ordered several different tests to be done. The results showed many different deficiencies and she started me on several supplements. Here is a quote from an e-mail I received from Dr. S."I know you have been through a lot and I so appreciate and respect your trust in me. It is going to take some time and I am coming in at the bottom of the 9th inning with 2 outs! I am just trying to do things in a step wise fashion so we can tell what is helping/what is not, etc."

Now I am feeling very well and following doctor's orders. I think Dr. S has scored a "Grand Slam" with me. Put your faith in God and Dr. S and you will be in good hands.

Gloria S.

Hello, Dr. Sievers and Karen: 

Thank you for supporting my goal of strengthening my overall health and weight loss goals. I enjoyed meeting with Karen over the course of twelve weeks to learn better nutrition practices, while steadily reducing my weight. I am now down 18 lbs and continuing my weight loss four weeks after my sessions with Karen ended. I feel better overall, my lab results show favorable progress and I no longer feel dumpy! I love feeling good in my clothes. I would highly recommend this program to those who are really motivated to work on improving their life quality. There is no pill to take. No boxes or packages of meals to heat up. It is not easy. It takes commitment and motivation. But as Karen guaranteed me up front, as I followed her program, the weight loss came along with eating foods high in nutrient value. And best of all, I love my smoothies! Thank you both. Connie L.





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